Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Wikis on the Web

Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki

Wikis have become very popular on the web as people find that these databases are both fun and useful. Because these sites are constantly edited by any user they contain highly accurate information. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that has one million articles, that are never finished. There are many wikis on the web and many are worth a visit.

Wikitravel is a wiki that allows its users to view and create a world travel guide. They can write about their town or other places that they have traveled: what places are the best to visit, good restaurants, activities, and the like. A user can also search for descriptions for where they would like to visit.

I played in the Wikipedia sandbox to practice some of my own wiki editing. Before I could edit, even in the sandbox, I needed to create my own account on wikipedia. I followed the simple instructions and found that editing in the sandbox was easy and not complicated. I wrote a simple test message and after, I searched the site to find if there were any glaring errors that needed to be fixed immediately. I did not find any, so Wikipedia is safe from my intervention for a little while longer.


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