Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stovall Finito

Last section of Chapter highlights for James Glen Stovall's book Journalism on the Web. Overall, I believe that Stovall is a good read for students and others who want to learn more about writing on the web and how it differs from traditional journalistic medias.

Chapter 12: Stovall writes that people need to become aware that they are responsible for what they put online. Federal Regulations apply to the Web, similarly to how they apply to other forms of media.

Privacy has always been an issue on the web because there are very few laws governing what can be shared with the world wide web. Users need to be wary of what information that they give to collectors, because even individual information can be transmitted around the internet.

Illegal music downloads are occuring in record numbers on the internet. Even though the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1998) forbids such use, downloading remains popular and a problem that threatens record companies.

Chapter 14: Newspapers are immediate, but the web offers news even faster, rivaling television and other broadcast media.

Journalists can become masters at more than one type of reporting, but is it reasonable to expect them to become experts at all of the types of media necessary for good web journalism.

As the web continues to grow, it also evolves. People need to stay up to date not only with news reporting, but also with trends and new information and technologies.


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