Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jeff Gralnick

News Veteran

Jeff Gralnick is NBC's Special Consultant for Internet and New Technology matters. A graduate of New York University, he has over 47 years of experience in several journalistic fields, including broadcast, print, and online media. Gralnick has reported on presidential elections, space flights, the Gulf War, and many other important events. He has won five National Emmy Awards for his work. Gralnick is considered an expert on online news reporting (Gralnick is pictured above).

Question: What are the next developments in online news reporting? Will users be more likely to have to subscribe and pay for their online news in the future?

This is important because online news websites are becoming more and more acceptable and successful on the web. People no longer expect all information from the web to be free. If online news starts to edge out traditional news media, companies can capitalize on the web.

Question: What are the best traits a journalist needs to become successful on the web and in other news media?

Gralnick has worked in all different journalistic fields. Online journalists seem to need to have a different background than other types of journalists. The internet offers a call for different types of writing as well as a need for a more interactive presentation style.


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