Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stone vs. Bernstein

Biz Stone's book Who Let the Blogs Out is geared to helping people understand blogs, including how to make them, giving tips for basic blogging etiquette, and explaining why blogs have exploded in popularity the last few years. It is interesting to compare this book with Mark Bernstein's article 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web (pictured at left is Biz Stone, at right is Mark Bernstein).

Stone is obviously able to explore his topic with greater detail, as he concentrates solely on blogs in his book. Bernstein, focuses on different types of writing on the web. While they give much of the same advice about writing for the web or blog world; they both advise writing frequently and with a purpose, they seem to have a completely different outlook for an audience.

Bernstein advises writers to make enemies and develop relationships that do not have to be friendly. Stone goes against this idea. He believes that while the web is an arena that while is open for much opportunity, it also pays to be careful. A person can publish on the web by starting a blog, but even if it is an annoymous entry, people still are held responsible for what they write and what other people write through their blogs.


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