Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Additions to Site

Will I Continue to Be the Only One Who Visits My site...well at least now I will know if anyone besides me or my professors visit my blog. I added a site meter, a free tool, to my blog today. It tracks the number of visitors to my page. Right now I only have the basic type of meter. However, a blogger can really utilize this tool. It can be set to not count the visits of the creator. It can also track the url of the visitor.

I also added a few other new things to my blog. On the side under my profile, I have adopted a digital pet, a penguin named Popsicle. This is a fun addition to my blog. I think that it will draw people's eyes to my blog. I found the site for adopting digital pets by visiting another blog. You can throw fish to the penguin by clicking on the more tab. You can also push Popsicle off the iceberg if you keep clicking on him.

I also decided to link my classmates' blogs on my site as well. I thought that it would be good to keep updated on what everyone else is doing. I also thought it might improve traffic between all of our blogs.


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