Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mirror Article

How to Make A Quick $100,000...Sue My University

Well at least that's what William Rom, a former Fairfield University student, did. After Fairfield expelled Rom after numerous incidents involving unruly behavior and alcohol abuse, he sued the University for over $100,000 for lost wages and tuition. And ladies and gentlemen, he won.

Fairfield University's online newspaper The Mirror reported on this event. Kelly Sheehan writes on how the jury found the University lacking in not granting Rom certain rights. But as a private institution, how much control should the courts have over Fairfield's protocol? Did the court get a glimpse of the real Rom, the one that Sheehan writes,

he ran naked through the quad during a big-screen viewing of "Meet the Parents" two days after September 11th. He dumped buckets of water from a window on students walking outside. He broke a mirror with a football. He drunkenly rode a dolly down the hallway of his residence hall after throwing up.

The court system seems to have made a big mistake with Rom's victory. Since when does the world award bad behavior with a monetary settlement. Oh right, do not forget the United States is the land of lawsuits (remember McDonald's having to shell out millions for the woman who spelled coffee all over herself). However, the university might have the last laugh after all. Fairfield still has the right to appeal, and perhaps the settlement will be overturned.


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