Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gudelunas' Lecture - Are Blogs the New Method of Existence?

Blogs Take Over the World!!!! Are blogs the new vehicle of communication, replacing traditional print medias, as tools for information sharing and knowldege? Dr. David Gudelunas (see picture above), a Professor of communications at Fairfield University, says that they are. As Americans become more computer savy and literate, more and more people are entering the blogosphere, not only as readers but as writers as well.

The entrance of more and more bloggers to the web adds to the power of this new medium. Bloggers now have a voice in the news. Stories that would slip pass by the mainstream media stay in focus if bloggers keep them alive. Gudelunas reports "20% of Americans blog in some form." While he agrees that these numbers might not be completely accurate, they are still striking. If all Americans explore the blogosphere, they are able to project their own opinions and voice to the world, creating as democratic of a media as possible.

Blogs may be still criticized by traditional forms of media, but they are the "new method of truth and existence" (Gudelunas). As the numbers of people who blog grows daily, the importance of blogging in everyday life increases. The interconnectedness of blogging improves the validity of information as well as its ability to reach as many people as possible.

One example of bloggers influencing the rest of the population is, Radley Balko, one of many bloggers who is currently working on bringing the case of Cory Maye into mainstream media attention. Maye is currently on death row for shooting a police officer who entered his home on a questionable warrent. There are many circumstances in this case that do not appear to have been seen to his advantage. If bloggers succeed in bringing this information into the public eye, Maye has a better chance of getting a fair trial.


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