Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cory Maye

Innocent or Guilty...

Whether or not Cory Maye, a Mississippi man on death row, is innocent or guilty, he still deserves a fair trial. Did he get one? probably not. When you shoot the son of the chief of police, you better be rich, white, and have an unbelievable attorney to even have the semblance of a fair trial. Maye is a poor black man with an attorney that has no formal training. The police behaved questionably in many aspects of this case. They entered Maye's side of a duplex without a warrent for Maye, but only with one for the resident of the other side of the duplex. It is also uncertain whether or not they declared themselves police officers before they entered.

What would you do if someone broke down your door in the middle of the night? If you lived in a bad neighborhood and you were scared someone was trying to hurt you or your infant? Would you shoot and ask questions later? Or would you wait to see if they killed you and your baby first. Cory Maye has no criminal record, no history of violence. The officer he killed was probably not following procedure and Maye is paying for it.

The reason that Maye's situation was brought to my attention was due to a letter sent out by a college professor, and fellow blogger. Other bloggers, including Radley Balko, are trying to bring this story to the attention of the mainstream media. The more attention Cory Maye's case receives on blogs will prevent his story from being forgotten.

Cory Maye not be a popular news story, but he deserves a fair chance. Keep his case in the blogosphere.


At 7:41 AM, Blogger james simon said...

Okay, but I had hoped for more reflection on bloggers vs. jounalists. Can a blogger be a journalist? There are still relatively few print stories or news web page stories on this case; does that suggest keeping it in the blogosphere will limit its impact?

maybe we still view bloggers as just people who comment on the work of others -- rather than generators of original conent?

dr simon


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