Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Case and Molly Revisited

True Love or Just a Ploy

In William Gibson's science fiction novel Neuromancer, the romance of the two main characters is often questionable. Was it real? or like everything else in the ultra simulated version of reality, was it created? Case and Molly are two highly conflicted and messed up characters. Do they deserve happiness?

In the science fiction genre, who doesn't love it when the geek finally gets the girl? And one who can really kick ass at that. Molly seems to represent everything that Case does not have, but wants despite his own failings. But their relationship does not seem to be anything more than two people who are at the same place at the same time.

Molly is not someone that can easily be described, but at the same time she is predictable. She will not stay with Case at the end of the novel. She is too messed up to want to be happy. But what about the future? Do Case and Molly have a future?

I want them too.


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