Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Response to Berube's "Blogging Back at the Right"

After reading Berube's story, I was less enthused about offering public comments through a web page or through a blog. I was startled how easy it is to take remarks on the web out of context. Instead of using his website as he first intended as a resource, Berube chose to use it to defend himself when others manipulated his work. I do not know if I would want my writing to become a hot topic.

There are many advantages to publicly commenting on issues. It allows the web to stay as accurate as possible. As Berube found, his blog was one way he could keep from being misquoted or having his work misrepresented on other sites. Blogs can keep discussion alive and allow people who might not normally be given a voice, a chance to represent their views in public. A blog can be about anything or everything

The disadvantages of a blog are very visible after reading the Berube article. What someone writes on the web is up for grabs. People not only read your words, but they can easily take from them without permission. Blogs can become a problem if they are not well maintained or properly cited.

A blog entry is different than an newspaper article even if the same text was printed in The Mirror. Blogs may not be considered as serious source. There are very few limitations on blogs, they do not always carry the correct information and there is no institution truly regulating how they appear on the web. Blogs, if popular, could reach an audience much more diverse than the usual readers of a campus newspaper.


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