Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Connecticut blogs

Connecticut has bloggers crawling out of the atmosphere

Dog Star's DogBiz Blog

I was disappointed after looking at this blog. While the blog may have utilized blue, my favorite color, there was too much blue. The writing on the colored background was hard to read.

While looking at this blog, I noticed that it was not really updated on a regular basis. Actually, the writer had recently written a post apologizing for its lack of updates. The blog has a nice layout, but it is not really interesting enough for the average reader. It has a few photos, and a lot of available information for anyone interested in dogs in general, especially in regards to their training, but there are not many links to other sites.

Overall, this is not my favorite blog. However, I did like the fact that the blogger was a dog trainer and he managed to create a blog all about his work with the animals that he loves. Some of his posts were humorous and reminded me of the difficulties I had trying to train my own dog.


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